Mark Levinson 331 good amplifier ?

Mark Levinson 331 good amplifier ?
The Levinson 331 really is a great amplifier. Depending on what you are listening to now, you may be very surprised at the huge difference this amp can make when inserted into your system. The very first time I listened to my 331 in my system, I was startled at how life-like the music sounded, and this was right out of the box with virtually no warm-up or break-in. My wife and I spent the whole night listening to old CDs because we just really wanted to hear what they were supposed to sound like. If you do purchase a 331, I cannot imagine you being disappointed.
It is a great amp - sound quality, build quality, resale. Whatever you put in is what you'll get out. Echo the comments above. Sounds best after 24 hr. warmup.
I guess I am going to be the dissenting voice. I think the 331 is nothing wonderful. I am not biased against Levinson gear, I love the 33H, but I don't think the 331 is a great amp. I think that Classe, McCormack, Pass Labs and others make better amps in the price range. I agree that the build quality is high, but that is true of most manufacterers in the price class. Perhaps it will mate well with your gear, but make sure you try some comparably priced amps from other makers first.
Ok Pass Labs and MC Cormack maybe can fight with ML 331 butnot Classe' Audio please!
Pass Labs is more warm and musical,but ML have more details,soundstage and in more neutral.Depend which music people like,but my opinion is that compare with price,sound,build level and value,ML 331 is more competitive!