Mark Levinson 37 to Chord DAC 64

Hello out there:

I just up-graded my digital front end to a ML 37 transport. In reading through the manual that came with the transport, I noticed that the XLR connections are rated for 110-ohms and the RCA are 75-ohms. Are all balanced connections 110-ohms, or do I need to be carefull regarding the interconnect maker/brand?

BTW, the ML and the Chord DAC are providing detail and clarity that I have never experienced before. They are currently connected by an Analysis Plus digital IC with locking a RCA on the DAC end and a "regular" RCA on the transport. I tried the Optical connection that came with the DAC, but my ears prefer the AP IC.

The rest of the system is; Talon Audio Khite monitors, Rega P-25 and FONO line stage, Dynavector 17-D cart., and LFD Mistral SE Integrated Amp.

Best regards, Dave.
I use a XLO Signature AES/EBU 110ohm cable between my 37 and 360S Dac. This is the best way to go, 110OHM AES/EBU XLR cable. The optical or toslink sucks. RCA's 75ohm is OK but the Balanced digital or AES/EBU interface is the way to go without a doubt. I am entertaining getting the Tara The One Digital 110ohm cable as it is supposed to be the one to beat. Any mfr's digital interconnect with XLR connectors is supposed to be 110ohm. The Kimbers are also good.
I use a Cardas AES/EBU 110 Ohm digital cable between M37 and M360S DAC and much prefer it over Madrigal's own 110 Ohm digital cable. The Madrigal is just too analytical and lacks PRT whereas the Cardas is coherent, has good detail, good PRT, and is just plain more musical. I also prefer the Cardas AES/EBU to the Cardas Lightning in RCA, but here the musical difference(s) were not as great. Cheers. Craig
I've tried quite a few between my 37 and 36. The Cardas was very good, a little bit laid back. The Orchid was a little to bright, fast but not musical on this system. The best cable I found was the Audioquest Falcon. It's no longer made. They do have a new AES/EBU, but I haven't tried it. If you can find a Falcon used--that's what I would go with (although I don't know very much about your DAC).