Mark Levinson 380S to Audio Horizons TP 2.1

I was reading about the AH 2.1, which seems to have some pretty fantastic reviews. The 380S is a great unit, but I'm looking for something that's a bit more musical with more presence. Something that isn't going to be a lower performance value than my Levinson obviously.

Right now my system is this:
ML 380S Preamp
Emotiva XPA-1 Monoblock 1000watt amplifiers
Aerial Acoustics 10Ts
Tara Labs The One series cabling (including power cables, ICs, speaker cables are Tara Labs EKC)

I can probably sell my 380S for right around $3k, so I'd like to keep my budget at or below that price point. I understand that my source (a Mac mini into a Pacific Valve Fathom NOS DAC) is probably holding me back a great deal. So I was looking at the AH 2.1 at the $2k price point and purchasing a CD player for the difference. I am looking at suggestions for a preamplifier only at this time though so as to not get my brain too congested.

Thank you kindly!
I am familiar with the Audio Horizons TP 2.1 but the last Levinson preamp I used was a model 28, so I can't help you with a comparison to the 380S.

You can make the comparison yourself by requesting a home audition of the TP 2.1. For the cost of shipping you can listen and compare. The basic TP 2.1 sounds very good. However, the upgrades available through Audio Horizons change the unit from good to great.
Thanks Cedar, I am doing just that. I'm getting the power supply and balanced upgrades to the 2.1. I may also look into the TRL Dude, which I hear is even better -- though at a slightly higher price point.

Thanks for the input!
I spoke with Paul about his TRL Dude, and decided to go that route. I will post back once it arrives and I've had time to listen to it.