Mark Levinson 38s Question Real or Fake?

Hi, recently got a Mark Levinson 38s. The front plate says 38s but the rear only says Model 38. I called Mark Levinson and asked someone in the tech support department whether this is a true 38s. I thought that if I gave him the serial number he could simply look it up. He said since the company has changed hands and moved a few times they no longer have records for such an old product, but said that it’s probably a true 38s because no one would go thru the trouble of changing the front plate. When I turn on the unit the display only says “No 38”. Tech support also said when Mark Levinson upgraded the units even though they put on a new front plate with the 38s designation on the rear they only put a sticker which was prone to falling off.

Am I being paranoid?  Any way of verifying? At this point I’m assuming it is an “upgraded” 38 but was never told that when I purchased it.

Lastly, the unit came without a remote and without power cord. I am using an “L” shaped power cord but it sticks out too much. Any way of getting an original ML power cord and remote?

My first post, thanks in advance
Should be legit, that sounds very plausible based upon what I know about how lazy manufacturers were back then about properly labeling upgrades. No one would waste their time faking a 38S faceplate, it’s not worth the effort.

Kind of strange comment about the power cord, there was plenty of clearance under my old 38.
The reason maybe, that yours was upgraded from a 38, and all that was done was important to sound improvement parts only, the circuit boards, to keep cost down.

If you read this from Stereophile, it says what the differences are, you should be able to see the differences if you study yours and compare, I had a very quick look and there’s not much I saw except for the board ID logo.

This is the pic of a 38 (without transformer cover attached)

This is a pic of a 38S

Cheers George