Mark Levinson No. 27 Amplifier, buy or not?

Just curious for all the ML lovers out there owning the ML No. 27 amplifier.

Has anyone had service since purchase from 1990?  Anyone still using it and having no issues?  Would like to get my hands on one, but the cost to repair along with finding a reputable service technician near me might not be worth it as I am located in NYC.  I know owning vintage equipment is nice and the warm sound is ideal for us loving audiophiles, however, my heart says to get one, and my wallet says to just get a different amp that's more modern.  I've read in the forums the amp cost around $2000 and repair cost could be another $2K, so doubling the price at $4K is something you can get caught into.  Or maybe you can just get lucky and the amp works fine. :)

Your thoughts and comments would be very helpful, thanks team.


The sweet spot is the 27.5. While these model offerings were stellar in their day, one must understand that Levinson used many over the top military grade components in the circuitry of these, which are now simply unobtanium. Roll the dice.....YMMV....   

If its been serviced then yes they still sound very nice and worth having.  The 27 is warmer sounding than the 27.5.  If it hasn'tbeen serviced or caps replaced then yes you're rolling the dice. 

Its amp that I would keep for life, I thought there were more ML lovers out there in this forum who knows more about it.  Spending 2k is one thing for the amp, finding parts like others have stated is probably near impossible.