Mark Levinson No. 585

Anyone own or audition this newest integrated from ML?
The 536 is insanely good.
One only needs to possess the means to afford them, and the space to set them up.
I heard them with the very very very top of the line Martin Logan at the hi-fi show and the sound was mine blowing.
The only thing I thought that was on the same level, what are the ungodly expensive tube amps from CAT.

For me, it makes sense to use it to preempt, but high-quality solid-state amps.
(534, 536 from lev), pass labs, Burmester, D’Agostino etc.
The 585 is a significant leap down from the preamps like 523 and 526, and amps like 534 & 536’s.
its not bad, but it’s not innthe leage of 536, not even same zip code, IMHO.

Thank You for sharing your experience w/ ML No. 523, 526, 534 and 536.
All of these products are on my short-list to demo.

Happy Listening!

Thank you for sharing your experience w/ the ML No. 585 integrated amp.

Happy Listening!