Mark Levinson Repairs

I own a Mark Levinson # 331 Power amp and recently the right output channel failed. I called ML service dept to get a quote for repairs and and was shocked when i was told they don't do repairs on this amp anymore and even if they did there are no parts available. They also told me that a 3rd party service center would not be able to help either because they will not have the schematics and they will not give it out to anyone. this was more shocking as based on this information the amp will never be fixed, i do blame myself for not doing research on this company policies prior to buying the amp if i did i would not be in this situation. I own several Mcintosh equi[tment that cost the same or less and older than the ML 331 and i have had them repaired at Mcintosh or my local tech shop i even bought the service manual for one of the amps. 

Does anyone here has the same issue and if so how did you get your amp repaired, any suggestions will be appreciated FYI when the amp was working it was excellent quality sound so the equipment is good just the service sucks !

Thanks for reading.   


If you contact me directly, I will happily provide you with an outstanding Mark Levinson experienced repair person. I will not do this on the forum because the person is already swamped with high-end stuff that needs to be completed. If you're not in a rush, you'll have the most exceptional work done imaginable.

It may come as a surprise to many people - … but Samsung is the current owner of Levinson.  Not exactly a firm that is aligned with a high end audiophile service philosophy. 
this is also not a unique policy to Levinson.  I personally had a 12 year old PS Audio power plant that went bad.  They diagnosed the problem as I described the situation as some bad caps  - but said their policy was not to provide service because they could no longer get the exact capacitors that were originally used !

I wouldn’t buy a PS Audio product again.  

Mark Levinson is owned by Harmon Kardon which is owned by Samsung. Harmon Kardon is a respected name in consumer and professional audio. Levinson has certainly had issues with customer service in the past but to compare them and Harmon Kardon to washing machines and cell phones is not exactly fair.


PS Audio is a separate, privately owned company founded by Paul McGown. McGowen left the company for a while  in the '90s but went back and, as far as I know, is still there.  I have no idea what your service problem was, but they are a respected audio company.

Every company provides different levels of customer service. My 16+ year old Ayre Acoustics AX-7e integrated amp stopped working (no sound). I returned the amp to my retailer. He confirmed it was not working (checked the fuses, etc.) and shipped it back to Ayre for repairs.

My repaired amp was returned about a month later. My repair cost was zero (they paid shipping both ways). Ayre repaired the amp, never told us what was wrong and restored it to factory specs. I thanked both my retailer and Ayre.

This is an example of excellent customer service. I was very impressed. 


Thanks to all in this forum who took the time to read and respond to my issue. I did call all the authorized repair agents given to me by ML and they all said the same thing, they don't have the parts to do any repairs on this amp. they also said under no circumstances will they provide the schematics even if the unit is discontinued. I think i will sell the unit as is for parts as its not worth the headache. I own several Mcintosh amps which are just as old or older than the ML and can have them repaired just about anywhere where i live with no problem Mcintosh gave us the all the schematics for the amps in question, I think i will continue to buy their equipment. MC2300 X2 MC2205 X1 MC 275 X1 and a MA230 all working.