Mark Levinson Where is the Emotion??

Hello to all,

My system:

ML no. 35 dac
Muse Model Five transport
stock power cords, no line conditioners
Custom built diy speakers
Denon 1803 receiver
Generic 16 ga speaker wire
Acoustic Zen MC2 AES/EBU from transport to dac
Silver interconnects

The problem that I'm experiencing with this setup is when I sit down to listen I find myself more times than often falling asleep rather than being engaged in the performance. While it sounds smooth, airy, open, rich, non fatiguing, etc.. it fails to convey the emotion of the recording. Not to say the no. 35 is a bad dac, it's a great dac but it just doesn't seem to do what I'm wanting.

It may get better with a higher quality transport, but I can't afford a megabuck transport. Eventually I will upgrade the speaker cables and the receiver to a quality integrated, but I don't think this would help much with the problem at hand although I could be wrong. I was thinking of just ditching the dac and transport altogether for a one box solution such as the Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP player since I was reading that it was quite a musical player or possibly try another dac and transport combo (this time one made for each other) such as the Northstar M192 combo. Has anyone else with a Levinson dac experienced the same problem as me and if so, what did you change to? Thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.
I doubt the dac is your problem. I have heard it and to my ears it doesn't put me to sleep. You also have a nice transport. I love my Muse Model 9 Signature Gen III CDP.

I suggest you start upgrading to an amp and preamp and then start with better powercords. It isn't cheap but you will reap the rewards.
This could be a good thing? It only proves that your system is not bright,you don't run out of the room screaming,and no digital fatigue at all. Now has far as the sleeping part, your stereo has just lulled you to sleep.....goodnight.
try listening to other DACs, also there is a post about reference DACs you might read.
the emotion you are missing is not the fault of your stereo equipment. i dare say a table radio would be considered as having poorer sound quality than your stereo system, yet it is possible to get emotionally involved with music when listening to your favorite tunes on the radio.

the sign of a good stereo system is being able to fall asleep while listening.

you may expect or want more stimulation than a stereo system can provide.