mark levison

Does anyone know if levison is shipping any products? I'm interested in there mono block amps?
I understand that they are doing repairs now and I believe they are shipping or getting ready to. Not sure how build quality will be effected since I believe that none of the old team are still around. I own a pair of 33 monos and hope that the company weathers the storm, and produce high quality products again. I love my amps.

I was told by someone I consider a reliable source that the company has recently rehired some of the key people who left/were let go. I hope this rumor is true.
i wish someone in authority at ML would step up and say something. i'm sure things have been hectic there but it would be nice to get some information. i've been holding on to see if i can trade in my proceed for something in the levinson line, but it's hard to get info. again, i appreciate that they're swamped but no info is concerning.. it appears to me that a lot of the serious audio community looks at these threads and i for one really appreciate steve mccormacks "hands on/not residing in the ivory tower/speak to the people approach.."

There is an announcement on the ML website by the Harmon Prez regarding this very issue. It's in a window on the right side of the homepage.

thanx V1rowt8..i'd checked their site and somehow missed that-apologies to ML, i'll patiently wait :)