mark levison

Does anyone know if levison is shipping any products? I'm interested in there mono block amps?

There is an announcement on the ML website by the Harmon Prez regarding this very issue. It's in a window on the right side of the homepage.

thanx V1rowt8..i'd checked their site and somehow missed that-apologies to ML, i'll patiently wait :)
The message from the president has been up there for months (maybe 6 or more - I can't recall exactly). As of now, ML products have not resumed shipment and they are still saying Spring although when I asked them for a guess, the rep said May (I spoke with someone there today). Priority is on getting the No 40 and the 320S production running first although I had heard for a while that the 390S was also a priority once the line was back up and running. Hope this helps.
Well, the ML production is finally back up and running (at least in part). The new 320s is currently shipping and I'm told that amps are next (specifically mentioned was the 436) followed by the 390s. Basically, each month from now they will be shipping more and more models until they're back at full output. Of course, existing orders will be filled prior to any new ones. I wonder, however, how many orders were cancelled due to the tremendous delay and how all this has impacted dealer interest in the line in general.