Mark of a scammer...learn not to burn.

So, my ad says USA only and "zero feedback and lowball offers will be politely ignored". Mr. X says he'd like to buy it at my price - I never do "Buy it now", rather preferring to entertain offers only so I can be running the show..not him. I ask to have his phone number so I can discuss with him, answering his "how old. etc." questions directly (and figuring out if he is a knowledgeable sort of audiophile who would be buying a $7K preamp- we audiophiles love to talk audio). Here is a classic response, I think, of a scammer:

"From: (zero feedback guy)  
Aug 1, 2016 9:52pm
I live in Switzerland! You probably don't want to phone me (then there's the 6-hr. time difference). I would want the XXX shipped to my niece in Virginia. Give me your number and a convenient time to call and I'll phone you. What about 3:00pm (EDT) tomorrow afternoon?"

Maybe not a scammer....that's why I omitted (His?) names. But it has all the classical markings, I don't really want to point them out so as to educate any bad guys, but you can spot them. But if it looks like, smells like and walks like this....BEWARE. I'm sure he has a very nice niece but I didn't care to carry on a further discussion with someone in Nigeria or Jamaica. 

(This was a zero feedback chap but be sure to take a look at their feedback record and make sure it hasn't just been packed with recent co-conspirators- often zero feedback sorts themselves- feedback to have some "feedback".)

So now, I want to ask you a question. What worries me, and shouldn't I be worried, about someone with a stolen credit card using paypal? They would "send me money" and only later, after the unit has been sent, would I find out there was a problem with the card. Would paypal then want/pull money back out of my account to cover or is that what you are paying for with 3% fees? Insurance? Or does the credit card company take the hit and that is why they suffer such large losses....(and thought up DEBIT Cards)? Thanks for your help & Be Careful Out There.

I would accept his offer,  wire transfer only and be sure his payment is in the Fed before shipping.

I've done this before, customer in Asia and want shipped to USA address.  I just tell them my responsibility ends with signature collected by FedEx when I deliver to agreed address.
If he's legit he would accept Albert's terms; if not, you'll never hear from him again,