Markering of CD Edges

Has anyone who "paints" the edges of their CDs with various-colored markers noticed any loss of information after marking their discs? There's a thread over at Audio Asylum, where one person indicates that marking up the edges of a disc actually decreases readability and increases errors. I personally haven't noticed this effect--actually, quite the opposite--but I'm wondering what others' experiences are.

In addition, does painting the edge of an SACD green have any deleterious effect? I just found out that green is not the appropriate color to use on SACDs, but that information comes after marking up about 50 SACDs. Can I just leave the green markering on, or is it having a negative effect and should I remove it with rubbing alcohol?

Many thanks for any responses.
With the Joe Rockhead .00000000000000007 micron green audio rapidiograph I can probably hide all kinds of nasty little drawings on my discs ala Disney.
Sorry I didn't see this sooner.The magic marker works wonders. Remove the cap, breathe deep and you'll wonder what you've been listening to.Alcohol administered internally has a similar if more pleasant effect.