Marsh p2000 and Belles 150a Hot Rod a good match?


I am awaiting the arrival of these two pieces and am wondering if anyone has any experience matching the Marsh SS Pre with Belles power?

I have read that the Marsh p2000 preamp can be tricky to match on occasion. Any experience?

I bought these without listening first based on forum posts/reviews. I am too impatient to wait for them to arrive - Hence the question

Please advise...
Spend the extra money and get the Belles 250i. The retail is $3000, it has a separated power supply,this is the way an amp should be designed. I have compared it to amps costing 2 or 3 times greater in price and it's performance was easly superior.
I am using B&W P4 floorstanders (8 Ohm nominal/3.7 Ohm min)

Oh and I purchased these used for a about half of what the 250i costs, so that is not an option.

Any advice regarding Marsh p2000 and Belles power anyone???