Marshall Tucker band on vinyl?

Are there any good quality pressings (that are currently available) of Marshall Tucker Band? I am specifically looking for the song "Can't you see." I have checked the websites of acoustic sounds and music direct (among others). So far, I've only found one used copy with that song, but it was very scratched. Thanks.
I jjust looked on eBay and there's a sealed copy of their Greatest Hits released in 78 with your favorite song. Under $20 ........ Not bad!
Look around for a Capricorn pressing of the 2 LP set "Where We All Belong". A live recording with very good sonics, amazing guitar work from Toy Caldwell, guest fiddlin' from Charlie Daniels and a killer version of "Can't You See". I still have my copy and listen to it quite a bit. The '78 Greatest Hits mentioned above is a compilation LP from previously released tunes, it's good, but all those songs are the studio versions from "Searching For A Rainbow", "Long Hard Ride", etc. "Where We All Belong" is nice as it represents the band in their true element - live, with some really great jams.
You might want to check with Tom Port at DCC Blowout
I have a copy of that on Vinyl, but I dont think it is a really great pressing.
My pressing of Where We All Belong on Capricorn sounds great. The live version of "24 Hours at a Time" is worth the price of the whole record.