Marshall Tucker band on vinyl?

Are there any good quality pressings (that are currently available) of Marshall Tucker Band? I am specifically looking for the song "Can't you see." I have checked the websites of acoustic sounds and music direct (among others). So far, I've only found one used copy with that song, but it was very scratched. Thanks.
My pressing of Where We All Belong on Capricorn sounds great. The live version of "24 Hours at a Time" is worth the price of the whole record.
2 votes for the capricorn live pressing.. sounds like the way to go. i checked the dccblowout website and didn't see it, but now y'all have given me something to be on the lookout for. thanks!
The greatest hits lp sounds pretty good. Mine's in regular rotation. Live albums are usually a distinctly different animal from studio versions. If I could get a sealed hits, I would.
Yeah they had their moment in the limelight. I remember I saw them at a taping of Don Kirsner's Midnight Special,they did a WHOLE three song set!
Not to bring this one back from the dead. I listened to the
live Where we all belong last night. Agree with Slipknot1, that is an excetional recording and representation of MTB.
Great flute from Eubanks on Take the Highway too. This all IMO, of course. That said and for the record, no version of Cant you see exists on my Capricorn copy. I did go to CD Universe, and noticed a live Cant you See on their Searchin for a Rainbow. Not sure if this is a bonus track just for CD though. I will check out MTB at my record shop,
likely SF A Rainbow to see if it has that version.