Marshall Tucker band on vinyl?

Are there any good quality pressings (that are currently available) of Marshall Tucker Band? I am specifically looking for the song "Can't you see." I have checked the websites of acoustic sounds and music direct (among others). So far, I've only found one used copy with that song, but it was very scratched. Thanks.
Vanderstephen my favorite Marshall Tucker Band LP Searching for a Rainbow has a live recording of Cant you see, the last cut. The rest of the LP is a super collection of studio recordings of Tucker songs and the sound is fantastic. I have several copies always looking for that hot stamper copy.
My pressing of Where We All Belong on Capricorn sounds great. The live version of "24 Hours at a Time" is worth the price of the whole record.

Dreadhead: right on! Listening to Toy and Tommy Caldwell play off one another on that tune is great, not to mention Charlie Daniels' fiddle playing.

As Siltrains points out "Searching for a Rainbow" is a good one too (Capricorn label). All my original Tucker Band pressings were in a box that vanished in a move a few years back, and I am always on the lookout for replacements.
Thanks for the confirmation on the live Can't you see on
Searchin for a Rainbow Slipknot 1. I will begina Searchin.