Martin Barre-Live In New York DVD/2-CD Anyone Have This Yet?

Just Curious as I Placed an order for this about 5 Minutes ago.
It's sold out over here in the USA so I ordered it from the UK.
If you do own this,or have heard it,what are your thoughts?
How is the DVD Quality?
Martin has always played some great Guitar!

i missed him locally about 6 months ago at small venue....kicking myself for that..let us know what you learn when it arrive ;-)


enjoy tge music
Will do.He'll be doing a show in our area in October and we might get to catch that one.

I want this set, but am not going to pay a silly price for it. I think that the set list looks great and particularly like the cover of the Porcupine Tree song "Blackest Eyes".
I know that's cool that he is doing that.I got it From Wiener World Music for $28.00 after the conversion.Also It is on Ebay for $35.00 from across the pond.Not bad for a 2 CD;1 DVD set.