Martin Logan Aeon Good for HomeTheater?

Hi -- Just found this site and am really excited:-)

I am completing my HT in my basement within the next couple of weeks and will be pulling the trigger on a few components -- my main concern is speakers and cables right now.

I have been looking at the Martin Logan Aeon line for L/R, Martin Logan Cinema Center Channel. My Surrounds though, due to not wanting too many speakers around for my 8 month year old daughter to knock down, will unfortunately be in-walls (Speakercraft or Niles most likely).

Any comments on electorstatics in general -- especially in the area of a home theater use would be greatly appreciated.

Also I am looking for the best set of speaker cables I can get without taking out a second mortgage:-) Staying under say $600 for the three Martin Logans -- Is this possible?

Thanks for the input!
Jplenhart - you just think you're glad to have found this site. As the credit card bills mount, and all the "good advice" you get leads you down the path of constant improvement and deteriorating relations with your wife, you will find that you would have been much better off never finding this site!

Seriously - this is one of the best sites on the web if you're into audio gear. You'll find almost anything you want, even if it's rare, if you just watch long enough for it. Heck, post a wanted ad and you'll probably get some offers. -Kirk

Kthomas -- you are right about the wife, I think she is starting to get a bit perturb at me hanging out in the study cruising this site:-)
I would suggest a used M-L Logos for the center instead of the cinema. although the theater would be better i have seen exactly 2 for sale over the past 6 months and not at a great price. Logos excellent speaker and are more available at better price