Martin logan CLS II Vs Magnepan 1.7

I currently Own the Logan and love the Midrange and high frequencies the presence and imaging is amazing however as im listening to more rock and roll I miss some of the dynamics or kick that the CLS cant reproduce.
I have heard great things about the Maggies and I am wondering if they will do a better job for me.
So I am asking for your opinion before I attempt to swap these, my next question is just how much are the Logans going for lately I would need to sell them locally since I dont have the boxes?
as always any advice is greatly appreciated
1.7 will not provide anymore kick as you say over CLS 2. Maybe consider a subwoofer or bass system. Or another type of loudspeaker like dynamic or horn loaded.
Keep the Logans -- you already love them for all the right reasons; and Maggies can never replicate the accuracy of an electrostat. Get a single ML Depth subwoofer and stick it right in the middle of the panels (see my system) and you'll have the best of all worlds.

Do not get two Depths! The panels radiate front and back, at 180 degrees out of phase; so a single, omnidirectional sub in the center, does a much better job phase-matching to the panels, than two subs ever can (i.e., the sub disappears.) If your room happens to be larger than say 18 x 25, you'll probably need the (larger) Descent subwoofer in order to listen to rock at a more realistic level ;--) You should also consider (again, if you have a larger room) replacing the panels with the new version as I just did, especially if yours are over 20 yrs old (like mine.) The new ones have a more robust diaphragm and a slightly higher power handling capacity. However, if your room is 'normal' size, replacing the panels is optional if the old ones are working OK. And ML now says they plan to always have replacements available in the future (although they were originally $800/pr, now $1500!)

The Depth vs. the Descent? Having smaller, lighter woofers, the Depth has very fast response, and excels at producing bass transients which is as you say, what you want for great rock (and I agree.) However, if you need more bass output to fill a larger room, DO NOT use two Depths! Go to a single Descent instead, because the phase-matching benefits of a single sub still outweigh the (slightly) better transients you'll get with the Depth.

You can get a used Depth on AgoN for under $1K. I've also been told (by someone who knows;--) that the original Depth and Descent models have better performance, and almost no reliability issues, compared to the "i" models.

Yeah, hang on to those CLS's!
Stay with the CLS and get a nice sub. The Maggies does not have the clarity of the CLS period! I been there, in the maggie world, clarity is brightness. Like your CLS, no maggies, except the 20.1's, have a decent bass unless you have a sub.
Something tells me all who have posted here have not heard the new Magnepan 1.7 properly set up.