Martin Logan CLX ART

So there may be an opportunity to change speakers. Won't know for sure till tomorrow.

One option might be a pair of CLX ART. From the reading I have done it shows a remarkably detailed and transparent speaker. What does not get discussed is its ability to present dynamic attach, and how it responds when aske to play dynamically challenging music like electric blues, big band, or plain old rock and roll. I do use a pair of Velodyne HGS 12 subwoofers and the pre amp has a DSP program to deal with room interactions and speaker integration.

Anyone have any observations or experiences?


neonknight is that a black sabbath reference? anyway if you like rock or other dynamic music you may want to look elsewhere the stats will have a lot of detail they will have great transient response but they will only play as loud as the panel can move.

@johnk  Oh I could use a secondary set of speakers like some Energy to play that kind of music whenever the mood takes me. 90%+ of my listening is not that kind of music anymore. 

I have an old pair of CLS and I always wanted a pair of CLS Art.  I've never heard one.  But I would expect that a subwoofer would be a good addition, but I don't know for sure.

The mids and highs are excellent.  In fact, it is these speakers that I compare others to as my standard.