Martin Logan Motion 60XT, best value ?

They seem to pack a lot of a speaker for the $...
Ribbon tweeter, nice aluminium 6.5in mid, 2 x 8 in woofers, polypropylene capacitors...

Who owns a pair ? And did some of you compare those with pricier speakers ?
Base on my experience. Martin Logan kills Klipsch on the same price range. No one can tell you which is better. Only your DNA can tell you which one is your match.
3.5k canadian for the pair , I have difficulty believing they sound so bad. Drivers look very decent, how could they mess it up that much. I guess I will have to go listen to them to know for sure.
The cabinet bracing of the Motion 60XT is awful, the material that the cabinet is made of is awful. They also dictate how the speakers will sound and perform.