Martin Logan Motion 60XT, best value ?

They seem to pack a lot of a speaker for the $...
Ribbon tweeter, nice aluminium 6.5in mid, 2 x 8 in woofers, polypropylene capacitors...

Who owns a pair ? And did some of you compare those with pricier speakers ?
I have listened some to those ML 60XTs.  I thought they were on par with similar offerings from Klipsch, etc.  Mediocre, but not terrible, and this is coming from an admitted ML fan.  I agree with others, if you are considering ML, you should look at the ESL hybrids.  I have the Montis, and yes the super sweet spot is somewhat narrow, but I find that the sound imaging does not roll off much as you move off axis.  Probably due to the dipole nature.  IIRC, I sold my Ethos for a little less than $3K, so in the same ballpark.
The MartinLogan XT60 has gotten very favorable reviews in the audio press, including Editor's Choice Award in the Absolute Sound. I have been considering replacing my ML Vistas with the XT60. The Vistas, to my ears, are lacking in the lower mid range. Full orchestra sounds to thin and bright. I have read that the XT60 sounds more full in the lower mid range. I will have to give them a listen before I decide.
The XT60's at around $1800 would seem to be a bargain going by what my Motion 40's sound like. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I think the good folk at ML have scored a winner with the range of speakers.IMHO.
There are quite a few that say that these are awful. A lot of them do so after hearing them at a HiFi store next to another brand like Monitor Audio. Powered by receivers.

These have 4-ohm nominal impedance but go down below 3 ohms. Use a suitable amp and see the improvement in sound.

I had them at home side-by-side with Monitor Audio Gold GX300 ($5,600) for two weeks. Both powered by a Parasound A21 amp. Used room correction on both sets of speakers. The ML60XT blew away the MA GX300. If I knew how to post a photo here, I’d post one of them side by side in my house.