Martin Logan prodigy

Hello all, a dealer here offers a pair of ML Prodigy around $ 6.5k it's in good condition and if I trade my coincident victory in I'd add another $ 3 k. I auditioned the ml today and like it. The dealer told me this speaker was bought new from the previous owner 5 years ago and traded in back 4 years ago. My question is how many version of the prodigy ml produced. As I understand it was first launched in 2001 which seemed very old. The dealer said it's e latest version which has blue ml led logo in front. Anyone can help me please. I'm making a decision.
Well, to help you out. I sold my 1yr old Prodigy's seven yrs ago for 5,500(I was the original owner)..they were black oak and in "like new" condition(I wasn't desperate either, that's what they were going for on the used market). Personally I think 6,500 is a bit for them especially being used, but I guess it depends on how bad you want them. Goodluck..
Bought mine when it first came out ('02) ar $8,5k new. Sold them 1,5yrs later ('04) for $5k. I think $6,5k is too much for such an old model (especially stats).

Mine already had the glowing blue ML logo then--so I believe it was meant to be there all along.

Fwiw, traded mine in for MG20.1 then. If you are into planar, maybe you can do better with say the new MG3.7 for less money--new.. Just a suggestion.