Martin Logan Spires or Magnepan 3.7?

Hi All,

I have always loved the Margin logan AND the Magnepan sounds. I currently have Martin Logan Spires, powered by Jeff Roland's Concerto integrated, but I'm considering the Magnepans, since I've read so many astonishing reviews. I can't listen to them both, and I'm wondering if any of you have preferences of one over the other in any way. I guess I'm concerned about the clarity and force of the bass, but I'd love to hear any/all impressions of either of these two speakers.

Thanks in advance.
Hello Rustler,

Having lived with Spires for 3 years, and also recently had some time, albeit in a different system with MAG 3.7's, i would be hesitant to swap in the search for more accurate(?) bass, the Spire as standard can do reasonably well in that area, (and can be modified considerably to be truly outstanding, though costly) and with the Magneplanars, i found the scale a bit too excessive and unconvincing, though i have a good friend who prefers them over standard Spire's. A lot is dependent on how the panel integrates with the room, and in this respect the Spire with it's adjust ability is very flexible.
I would wholeheartedly recommend hearing the 3.7 for yourself, in a dealer somewhere even, just to ascertain whether you prefer the larger flat panel's presentation.
Where are you based, US?

Best Rgds,
Thanks, Paul. I love the Spires, and I recall loving the Mags; I wasn't worried about the Spires bass, but more about the Mag's. I'm in toledo, ohio,alas.

What kind of mods are available for the Spires!

looks like this is a change for the sake of a change & that there's nothing insufficient in the M-L Spire for your particular listening needs.
I was never an advocate of change for the sake of change but then the audio industry survives on this motto (the merry-go-round effect).
The Hybrid ESL from M-L will have quite a diff bass playback compared to the full planar Maggie. Ribbon/planar bass is very different sounding than cone bass & often people cannot make the change willingly. Planar bass is tight, fast & has excellent tonality but does not always have the slam of a cone driver bass (depends on the amp driving the planar). Your integrated amp says that it can drive 2-16 Ohms & that peak o/p current = 35A but one would have to know how big the power xformer is & the model number of the output transistors to know just how much current it can really dump into a very capacitative load (which is what your ESL panel & the Maggie look like to the amp). So, be wary of this - hear the Maggie in some dealer in your local area or if your are in some other location due to vacation or business travel.
IMO I never thought much about any M-L hybrid speaker tho' M-L Statement E2 speaker was really something very, very nice sonically. Big price difference hence big (improved) sonics, naturally. Of course, YMMV since you like the Spire model. This is all good - you must be happy with your own audio gear.