Martin Logan Theater i center

I am looking for opinions on the Martin Logan Theater i center channel.
I have one in my theater. I upgraded from the ML Logos last year. Beautiful sound and only having the Logos to compare (which is a fine center as well) it is perfect IMO. I am a huge ML fan. I love their sound. If you are pairing with other ML electrostats. You can't go wrong.
Good Luck with your search...
I am currently running the theatre i on my system.I upgraded from the cinema about a year ago. It plays much louder and more articulate, i would say it is definatly worth the money diff to the theatre from the cinema.Especially since i just bought the anthem p5.I am running the ascents for the mains and have a seamless front end.I think its pretty amazing the way it produces dialogue and bass. But then again im pretty sold on logans as my whole theatre system is based on their speakers.