If you need to replace your older panels on Martin Logan speakers.You will get a sticker shock.They have tripled their price.Really sad.This will drive the price of resale down.Bad move on ML part.
bobo7 increase new sales. tx god never had been a fan of ML of any model. them never sounded good for me in any set up.
Every since it was sold to ShoreView Industries, ML has gone mainstream and stopped being customer friendly.

How sad, indeed.
Hey Iam not bashing ML.I think they are great speakers.Nothing quite sounds like them.They do things most speakers dream of at a good price.

Their Top of the line speaker'cant think of the name'Tied with one of the Wilson $150k speakers at some big show over in Europe as the best sounding.

My point was they just made buying replacement panels quite high.

As for as being bought out goes'Hell most companies have had to.Just to survive the buisness climate that this current President has created.
"Just to survive the buisness climate that this current President has created."

1. Let's leave the politics out of this audio forum

2. Are you completely unaware that the economic catastrophe that almost completely shut down the U.S. banking system, put 2 of the big 3 auto makers into bankruptcy, required a bailout of Wall St. began in 2008 - under our former President? Are you also completely unaware that this economic crisis is even worse in Europe, of which our President is not the president?

Give us a break.