martin logan/tubes

Has anyone out there tried drving the Martin Logan SL3 panels with tube amplification and the woofers with Solid State.At the moment I have a Classe ca201 driving the speakers and a BAT vk3 pre-amp.The sound is very smooth,detailed and nice to come home to.So i'm wondering if the sound could be improved with the addition of even more tube amplification.Jazz and classical is what I listen to.-thanks guys.
I drive a pair of Odysseys with a Mcintosh 352 -solid state- and the Mcintosh 2102 -(tubed) . I also added a Kora Hermes tube DAC and expect the Mcintosh tube C2200 preamp this week. Love that natural sound the tubes bring to a non-fatigue listening session. The 2200 also has a tubed phono stage built in which I am interested in hearing with my VPI Aries. I use a Peavey Cosmos to balance the slight difference in gain of these two amps .
I had a pair of sequels powered by a CONRAD JOHNSON MV-75a power amp,also a Premier 3 preamp.Liquid sound,really miss that combination.Cant go wrong give it a try.Cheers
I have run ascents prodgy oydessy and request with tubes ,the new models work better than the old but all you need is arround 75+watts on the pannel and solid state on the woofers problem is with matching levels bi amping that way but it can be done also I have used a Audio Research vt100mkIII To run the whole speaker but you do lose some bass.Tubes sound better to me thats why I no longer own electrostatics.check out some of the new tube friendly low priced speakers you will be amazed .JK
Not exactly what you were asking, but I have SL3s which I have bi-amped with two ARC D-115's, so it's all tube and really great. I get enormous bass when it's there, like Bob Marley, for example. Perhaps solid state on the woofer would also be terrific, but this system is fantastic. Regards, Tom Bennett