Martin Logan vs. Everything

I have a pair of Martin Logan 13a. to me they sound incredible. The thing is I also like to spend time at hi-fi shops , whether they be brick and mortar or or online and it seems like those dealers think the Martin Logan are the weak Link in my system…


I’ve listened to Speakers twice and even three times the price and they don’t sound any better to me but I do have my room treated and everything is tuned just in my liking. my personal opinion is that Martin Logan has spent years perfecting what they do with the electrostatic speaker, and that it’s just not financially feasible for some of these smaller companies to try and do the same so they have traditional box speakers, which are great, but to me not as great as the Martin Logan .


so how wrong am I ? Fight me. 



From a listener's perspective MLs often come out on top.

In terms of being able to ignore the room and provide life-sized imaging it's rare to find other speakers that do as well.  Perhaps the Sonus Faber Stradivari can compete there.

Where the MLs can lose points on is overall frequency response and dynamic range.  The SF Stradivari are the only speakers I know that can best them in both imaging and frequency).

It's quite possible once you get used to the ML's you really can't hear anything else as neutral, and that's fine, but it may also be hard for others to come and love the ML's for the same reason. 


@dz13 +1

I have had my ESL X’s for a couple of years now and while I was a bit cautious about going with electrostatic after years of dynamic speakers. I am absolutely pleased with them. I worked with Crutchfield because they are very good about returns. I returned a set of Wharfdales, I wasn’t quite pleased with the vocals. Now I am considering moving up to the ML 13a.

As others have said, it matters what pleases your ears.

Getting a speaker to play well in your room is always a huge part of the equation, as are the upstream components.  It sounds like you've got yours dialed in to your liking.  Anything different probably sounds a little foreign to you, and would likely take some time to adjust to.