Martin Logan vs. Everything

I have a pair of Martin Logan 13a. to me they sound incredible. The thing is I also like to spend time at hi-fi shops , whether they be brick and mortar or or online and it seems like those dealers think the Martin Logan are the weak Link in my system…


I’ve listened to Speakers twice and even three times the price and they don’t sound any better to me but I do have my room treated and everything is tuned just in my liking. my personal opinion is that Martin Logan has spent years perfecting what they do with the electrostatic speaker, and that it’s just not financially feasible for some of these smaller companies to try and do the same so they have traditional box speakers, which are great, but to me not as great as the Martin Logan .


so how wrong am I ? Fight me. 



FWIW, I almost bought ML's based on an audition of a pair in a SOTA system/setup/room. Wow stuff!

But before buying them I listened to them again in another store (same owner) in a nearby city. Small room, less than optimum set up. Sounded lousy. Opted out as at that time I had neither the room, nor the stuff, that could make them shine. 

Most of us are attracted to a kind of sound. If you are lucky enough to have found speakers that really appeal to you, then different house sounds are not likely to sound better, only different or not as good. So, upgrading is easy, get a better Martin Logan speaker if you want to upgrade.

Sometimes our values change as a part of the learning process. For instance, I used to have a set of ribbon speakers with a bass driver. The comments were that this kind of design does not have great coherency across the audio spectrum. I couldn’t hear it. I was really happy.

Over time I attended hundreds of acoustic concerts and I started realizing the sound I liked wasn’t very real and they sounded great with only a couple genre of music. So I switched. The lack of coherence became obvious of my old speakers and other shortcomings. Now I am on my third set of this brand. If I want better speakers, I just go up a couple levels.


So, for now and maybe forever you are good.

Could it also be that those dealers sell brands other than Martin Logans??


They make some nice stuff and if you like them, then that is the most important part.

I have been using a pair of 11As (Impressions) for about eight years now. I am in the same boat; I can appreciate and definitely enjoy dynamic driver speakers from many other manufacturers, but I just don't feel the same need to continue listening to music the way I do with ESLs. It might very well be a situation where I've "trained" my ears to prefer them, but frankly I figure as long as I'm happy that's what it's all about, right? That and the hokey pokey?

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