MartinLogan Motion 4 vs Gallo A'Diva

I have a fancy system and all that, but sometimes just want to listen to the news and that's an awful lot of power to draw from the wall just to casually watch nonsense TV or news type stuff.

My plasma has 6-8 ohm speaker outs, so I'd like to add some kind of super-small speaker at low cost. I've been running, in this form, some old cambridge soundworks and they have been fine, but are 15+ years old and the high end is super-tinny, basically unlistenable.

So I am wondering, I know this is lower-end than most of what goes on here, but I'd like to spend not more than these cost and am open to other models, but can't be more expensive or larger.

What do people think? I slightly lean towards the A'Diva at this point, but am not 100% sure.

This might actually be a common use-case, so maybe lots of you have thought about simple computer/tv speakers for non-super-high-end use. Note that several computer speakers don't quite go loud enough for this application - many of those are optimized for a 2- 4 foot listening distance.
Just use what you have? While you amp pulls some current, I doubt it pulls so much that the energy savings would offset the costs of the additinoal speakers.
It's like trading in a fairly new, good condition car to get a hybrid so you get 10mpg better mileage.
What about Orb speakers? I have a pair and they sound great for what they are. I have not heard the A'Divas but when I was researching I read comments from others where most felt that A'Diva Ti > Orb > A'Diva.
There's a pair of new white Gallo Due's for $750 at ebay, which would perform better than the A'Diva's.
I'll check that out! There are a pair of black ones here at a very reasonable price, but I placed some black thing here on the mantel as a test and can't do black.

I can get a sense of the total watts my system uses tomorrow. My wife works at home sometimes, as do I, and we are opt to keep some background music through comcast on at 30 or 40 db so the system can be on for 10 hrs per day, so its not like just 3 hrs at night max. Also my amp is pure Class A, so lots of watts. That said, it is a small Class A, not like some of the ones out there.

Orb looks cool, I like the idea of leveraging a high end company like Gallo, but yeah, I have heard good things about Orb. I have also heard things along the lines of the progression listed above, that sounds very reasonable.
Just saying, If I had those Maggies....(and system) I would be hard pressed to listen to a tv thru another speaker... : )