Massage therapist looking for stereo for office

Hi All- My massage therapist is looking for good sounding "used" stereo (CD, amp, speakers, etc.) for her office. She has two massage rooms. One is 10' x 13' and the other is 9' x 9' plus the waiting room 12' x 22'. Unfortunately, she can only afford around $1,000-$1,200. She plays ambient music, soft jazz, light classical, and "light" world beat. She would like a good sounding system. What suggestions do you have for her? Thanks, Ross
I am using, for ambient music in my vet clinic, an older mega receiver along with PSB monitors, (I use a Niles multi speaker selector and the Niles volume control modules for each room.) A decent cd changer will do fine. She could get all that if she went used, and be amazingly happy, (and have the convenience of a tuner, cd changer, and one power source.)
If she doesn't have the time or the inclination to look for used gear something like NAD would probably fit the bill. She could get an integrated amp like the C350 for about $325 or a receiver (with a tuner) like the C740 for about $380 addin a C521 for around $250. This would leave budget for 2 pairs of decent bookshelf speakers [KEF Cresta 2-$275/pair or Mission 771 - $250 for Audio Advisor]. This solution would still leave $100 for cables and mouting hardware (which might not be quite enough. While this will not give you world class sound it is very good compared to the CircuitCity type of gear and could all be bought new wth waranty (thus no hassles). Used geart can be a fantastic way to get a better stereo than you can really afford (I have bought lots of it). But you pay for the savings in time and risk to some extent and I'm not sure its worth it in your friends price range. Now if she wants a $5000 stereo for $2500-$3000 it's another story.
for her buget .. and aplication .. i would recomend then NAThe PSB Alpha Mini SpeakersD-L-40 system ...that is --The NAD L40 CD Receiver:andThe PSB Alpha Mini Speakers.. this is a package NAD puts together... even comes with cables..
we sell quite alot of these for use in offices ...
the reciever is 20wpc with a built in cd palyer ....

for more info and complete Specs.. go to our showcase on audiogon ..or

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I'm glad to see the L-40 by NAD recommended here. I will say that in my system this one piece receiver/with cd player integrated is very musically satisfying--even relaxing. The sound is warm and somewhat laidback with my speakers. Have not hear it with the PSB Alphas, but buying a speaker/amp that are known to work well together deserves an audition. I couldn't imagine a better component than the NAD L-40 to serve as the basis for a simple, yet musical system. Highly recommended.