Massive entertainment center replacement ideas?

For many years, our family has had a massive entertainment center. I have found that it IS possible to get great sound out of my current system in spite of the presence of "Gladys" as it'll be called. But I still can't help but wonder how much damage is still being done to sound which is asymptotically approaching perfection (for me) by the gargantuan entertainment center.

And now, (insert Hallelujah Chorus here) the POINT:
Mercifully, my wife has consented to ditch Gladys at any time, provided that I can come up with something that more or less still hides the cords, cables, etc. OK fellow A'gon-izers, IDEAS???????
JSP credenzza, check out pics in my system. Carried by tweeters, for a full line of their products check their site out.
Nothing wrong with Gladys, you just have to make 'her' accoustically disappear. I also have a smaller cabinet between my speakers. Granted my sspeakers are a lot further apart and further out into the room. If you keep the cabinet doors open when you are playing music the shelves, components and empty spaces will act as diffusors and should create no major reflective surfaces, other than a TV. If you have a TV in the cabinet cover it with a blanket when you are playing music. Works for me. :-)

I see no issues with what you have....edge diffraction can become a problem with anything too close to the speakers but that does not appear to be your case.

If you don't plan on ever moving, are getting rid of Gladys anyway, and are prepared to stick with your speakers over the long term then you might consider custom build.... a soffit mount built in wall design....just use lots of MDF (2 inches thick and make sure it is all heavily braced)

Good luck!