Master Clock for the SOtM SMS-200 Ultra Neo SE

Hi guys

I have the SOtM SMS-200 Ultra Neo SE in a rig with a very well treated digital signal. It sounds very nice, but it doesn't have a Master Clock input because I did not wanted to pay that aditional cost back then (now I kind of regret it as I have a Master Clock).


Has anyone of you tried this device with and without a Master Clock feeding it? Does it really make a noticeable difference? My experience has been that the further the device from the DAC, the less impact the Master Clock makes. The biggest impact is feeding the DAC. I have it also feeding a DDC before the DAC and the Uptone ER and I don't find a big difference, mostly on the ER.


​Please answer if you had a real listening experience. I don't want to start a technical debate. 


I have the Special Edition without clock input as it was an open unit with lower price.

Be sure to get it with clock input.

I think there are better ways to improve sound for the money as I would also need to spend on a clock with more outputs.

I think so too.  What DDC and DAC are you using and what connection between them?

I have no DDC as of yet. I am looking at Denafrips Iris, Musician Pisces, and Singxer SU-6. Others? I am using a 10 year old April Music Eximus DP1. Obviously, it has no clock input.

My DAC is the Audio-GD HE-7 and my DDC is the Audio-GD DI-20. The connection between them is I2S.

For a top notch DDC I would recommend Audio-GD DI-20HE over the other ones mentioned above.

@dgarretson Someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I just purchased the Esoteric Grandioso D1.

@plga I reached out to both Magna Hifi and SOtM USA to investigate adding a clock input to the sms-200. I just checked my receipt and I did add every option except the clock  input. Do you think I still need the Audio-GD DI-20HE?