Mastersound 300b Compact-thoughts???


I am considering this amplifier and wondered if anyone as experience with it? Also, it seems from what I can read it is SS rectified, can anyone confirm this, or am I missing something?


Many thanks




The brand does seem like it's fairly well-respected (though not very well known still outside of Europe).

Yes, I’m pretty sure the Mastersound has greater presence in the European audio market compared with North America. Although Allnic and Mastersound differ in their approach to building 300b SET amplifiers I believe both of these would sound terrific with the Coherent speakers you’re having built.


@mmcgill829   Thanks for sharing the info on the integrated amp from the U.S. distributor. Great to see they were responsive. The information was helpful.

Who is the U.S. distributor for MasterSound? Thanks.

@david_ten No problem! They were very responsive - I had a reply back within 12 hours and then an answer back after reaching out to Mastersound within 2 days.

The US distributor is Mofi Distribution, so I'm not surprised with the quick service!

One other thought as I just looked at this thread....Audion Silver Night 300b integrated. I have used their amps in the past and they punch well above others in terms of quality and sound. The EL sterling was my main amp for many years, just recently went to an Audion Special Edition with Takatsuki tubes and numerous inputs and remote.....quite stellar.

I also use a 2a3 FI -X which is amazing....less power but sublime for sound. Sometimes I think I like the 2a3 sound more than 300b, I am pretty familiar with Frank's speakers as I had the first pair here in the PNW, and I have heard the 18's at the dealer here who also represents Audion.

Message me and we can talk more if your are interested.