Mat for Rega P10

I decided to start this discussion to hear different experiences from Rega RP10 and P10 users. I know Rega does not suggest replacing their own, supplied with turntable, mat as doing so can degrade the sound but I have to say that I am loyal opposition to that concept, looking for replacement ASAP.

I know Framer recommended the Stein Music The Perfect Interface Carbon mat but $625 for mat is quite steep I think. Even the cheapest one is $250 and I do not consider It a bargain. 

Does anybody here use either of those two mats and can share some insight as to why they are so expensive and if they really make that much of a difference?

And I just saw two typos in my post.
But the biggest was:
"The Stein sounded like my system had just had a $10,000 component dropped into it."
I meant to type "$2,000 component dropped into it."

So much for posting after a cutting down  some trees and limbs for 4 hours! My fingers were a-quiverin'!

One thing hasn’t changed: the benefits will be most audible on classical, older (minimally mike) music, and not the over-produced records so prevalent in the 80s and 90s. I was somewhat unhappy with the fact that, although there were improvements (mainly heard in the voice tracks), that the other records didn’t demonstrate the same degree of improvement, although transients were generally better everywhere.
I’m still euphoric about the mat, but only over about 1/3 of my collection so far.

When it comes to the P10 my suggestion is...Deal with the mat it comes with. It’s Merino wool so it’s not like they went the cheap route. I am not going to try and out-think Gandy on this one. Will a new mat make an impact? Probably...Will it be better, thats subjective.

I’m more than satisfied with the sound I get from this table, not going to meddle with it if it produces the results that satisfy my soul. Truth be told, I can’t believe not one person in this thread has suggested anti-static measures before replacing the mat. There are so many things you can do to destat and completely eliminate this issue. Worked for me, I have zero desire to change the mat now and I have resolved two issues with one solution. Mat doesn’t lift, and much less dust attraction. We audiophiles sometimes over think the solutions to problems we face and hundreds of $$ for a mat with mixed opinions just doesn't seem like a good way to spend money. Buy some records with that money instead. 

Not sure if I told about my "final" mat choice which I got I think in the beginning of 2022 (Covid put things in a time warp) after it was highly recommended by a fellow 'Goner on any different discussions over the past 1 1/2 + years.

It is made by a tiny company in Hungary and it is called the Hexmat Eclipse. They also have a less expensive version called the Yellowbird. Unfortunately the prices went up as Covid evolved. I think it is around $300 now sold direct or I think through Music Direct. 

It actually lifts the record very slightly off the platter with tiny nubs that pop through each side of the secret substance mat, but the entire lift is exactly equal to the stock Rega mat. The Audiophile guy said it was his favorite mat and he is kind of fanatical. 

I didn't notice much of any specific change in sound (I think I made other slight changes around that time), but in theory, it should isolate the record from almost noise on the platter since the total square area touching the platter is minuscule.

1) It does not accumulate much if any dust or dirt (like the Rega mat and Herbie's)

2) It does not lift off the table ever since it is fairly rigid and it's hex shape doesn't come near the outer ring of the platter (like the Rega and Washi and VPI)

3) It looks really cool when a record is spinning, like the record is floating above the table (not a key factor, but it is nice)

I couldn't live with the knowledge that the scotch tape was holding my Rega mat down and the dust was annoying me. I know .... OCD. 

P.S. FYI - I like it so much that when Hexmat first came out with another product, the Molekula record stabilizer in the Spring of '22 (works like a clamp) I bought it to try to stabilize any of my records that are thinner with any kind of warp. They recommend using it on every record, but it is another step in OCD process of playing a record (and they say you should turn the turntable off when putting it on the record or taking it off - which I don't. just have to be real careful to pick it up quickly). It is the only clamp type product that will work with the short spindle of the Rega P8. Once again not cheap - I think it was around $120 and had to buy it direct at that point from Hexmat in Hungary. Delivery was surprisingly very quick.

It is hard to justify these things, but once the money is gone, I forgot about it, and compared to the entire analogue section of my system (table, cartridge, phono stage, shelf, vibration control, phon stage to amp cable), it is in total about 5% for both products.


They all do what they a bunch that are returnable and try them in your own system.  There is no right answer

@gbmcleod, you didn’t answer the OP’s one simple question any better than anyone else. The OP’s question was for the Stein mat with a P10, not a Planar 3.

Regarding dust showing on the Herbie’s mat, I would rather be able to see it and clean it. The dust is there regardless of you being able to see it or not. I clean the Herbie’s mat by simply rinsing it off and patting it dry with a lint free cloth. The stock P10 mat that I have is white and I can’t see the dust even though it’s there. The stock mat isn’t very easy to clean.

In my system and for my preferences, I still prefer the Herbie’s Way Excellent mat on my P10 for SQ, elimination of static cling to records, and for its relatively low cost.