Mat for Rega P10

I decided to start this discussion to hear different experiences from Rega RP10 and P10 users. I know Rega does not suggest replacing their own, supplied with turntable, mat as doing so can degrade the sound but I have to say that I am loyal opposition to that concept, looking for replacement ASAP.

I know Framer recommended the Stein Music The Perfect Interface Carbon mat but $625 for mat is quite steep I think. Even the cheapest one is $250 and I do not consider It a bargain. 

Does anybody here use either of those two mats and can share some insight as to why they are so expensive and if they really make that much of a difference?


They all do what they a bunch that are returnable and try them in your own system.  There is no right answer

@gbmcleod, you didn’t answer the OP’s one simple question any better than anyone else. The OP’s question was for the Stein mat with a P10, not a Planar 3.

Regarding dust showing on the Herbie’s mat, I would rather be able to see it and clean it. The dust is there regardless of you being able to see it or not. I clean the Herbie’s mat by simply rinsing it off and patting it dry with a lint free cloth. The stock P10 mat that I have is white and I can’t see the dust even though it’s there. The stock mat isn’t very easy to clean.

In my system and for my preferences, I still prefer the Herbie’s Way Excellent mat on my P10 for SQ, elimination of static cling to records, and for its relatively low cost.

@smatsui - you should give the Hexmat (either Yellowbird or Eclipse) a shot. If Music Direct has them, you can return it if you dont like it no questions asked. For what you’ve invested in the P10, its seemingly high price is tiny if you think it improves the sound. What you said about the dust is not really true. If the surface attracts dust, it will accumulate more. My dust cover is always on top of the mat, so whatever the antistatic properties of the Hexmat are, they repel dust. Do I ever wipe it down? Of course, but not nearly as much as Herbie’s, which attracts dust.

@sokogear, thanks for the recommendation but I’m happy with my Herbie’s mat.  I rarely need to clean it and I like the way it looks.  Most importantly, I like the way my system sounds with the Herbie’s mat.

@smatsui - just thought you might like it better and give it a shot. Herbie’s ended up being my 2nd choice and I did have it for a while.