Mat for Rega P10

I decided to start this discussion to hear different experiences from Rega RP10 and P10 users. I know Rega does not suggest replacing their own, supplied with turntable, mat as doing so can degrade the sound but I have to say that I am loyal opposition to that concept, looking for replacement ASAP.

I know Framer recommended the Stein Music The Perfect Interface Carbon mat but $625 for mat is quite steep I think. Even the cheapest one is $250 and I do not consider It a bargain. 

Does anybody here use either of those two mats and can share some insight as to why they are so expensive and if they really make that much of a difference?


@sokogear, thanks for the recommendation but I’m happy with my Herbie’s mat.  I rarely need to clean it and I like the way it looks.  Most importantly, I like the way my system sounds with the Herbie’s mat.

@smatsui - just thought you might like it better and give it a shot. Herbie’s ended up being my 2nd choice and I did have it for a while.

Just looked at the Hexmat on the Music Direct site.  $375 for the Eclipse, no thanks!  Its 3mm thickness is 1.5mm thicker than my white P10 stock mat so it would affect VTA.  I also don't like the looks of them.  

Wow - they went up a lot! I paid under $300 (they had a 10% discount in an accessory sale when I bought it.) Maybe the P10 has a different mat height, but mine is 2mm, and a 1 mm difference is not a big deal since record thicknesses can vary by more than that much and as you know VTA is not adjustable on Rega's arms. According to Roy Gandy, very small differences are not worrisome with the length of their arms. It it was something of a larger due to cartridge height, they sell 2 mm adaptors. 

Many, many Rega owners bought the Eclipse.

I measured my stock mat at 1.5mm thick using a digital micrometer.  The P8 has a different stock mat so it's no surprise that its thickness is different.  I consider a 1.5mm thickness difference significant.  Looks are subjective but I don't like the looks of the Hexmat and its $375 price tag is a no go for me.