Mat with Michell Gyro SE II?

I've recently aquired a Michell Gyro SE II, and noticed that the platter is very hard. Is a mat recommended with this turntable? Or, is the hard surface more preferable?
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I own a Gyro SE II and used a mat for awhile. I found that it dulled the sound across the frequency spectrum. But, I was troubled by a sense of brightness and imbalance tilted toward the high frequency when I used the stock Gyro. My problem was eliminated by using the Gert Pederson armboard upgrade kit. This kit, which is straightforward to install, is available through his website at
No mat is needed.

The Pedersen upgrade is designed specifically to cure a problem when using an SME arm with the Gyros. Check out the TNT reviews pointed out on Pedersen's website. You can try putting blue tack under the screws that secure the armboard to the chassis and see if it improves the sound before spending $150 on the upgrade.

Frank's suggestion is a reasonable one. The blue tack may indicate the direction of the improvement in your table. It would not substitute for the Pedersen upgrade (which is advertised at $115 plus postage) but it is a relatively inexpensive test. Fortunately, the armboard upgrade helps with arms other than SME, too. You can see other user comments regarding application with Rega style arms at the Pedersen wbsite. My report is based on experience with an RB300 arm.