Match for McIntosh 352

Looking for some feedback on speakers that blend well with the McIntosh MA352. Currently leaning towards the Sonus Faber Sonetto V ????


Much more info is needed regarding room size, type of music listened to, loudness levels, presentation desired...


Room is about 20' x 20' , all genre's from rock to jazz, to classical guitar. Currently have a home theatre set-up for the TV this will be a standalone 2 channel audio only combo of streaming, vinyl, and CD music. Moderate listening levels for long periods of time.

I've owned a set of Sonetto V's driven by C2600 and MC 302 - > wonderful speaker.  Obviously opinions vary and I think the Sonetto V is a great speaker.

It depends of your goal and budget.  I had the Sonetto V for one year in my system with the ma352.  Good performer until I upgraded to Olympica nova 3.  This is probably my end game speakers.  Bass, definition, image, look, everything is better with nova 3 but at almost 3x the cost of Sonetto .  If you are building a stereo system, I would suggest to save until you can afford the nova 3.  If you are building teater/stereo, the Sonetto is good choice as well.

Local dealer was demonstrating the Dali Epikore11 speakers with the 352 and I was in love. At home I have the mc611’s with a c49 driving a pair of kef blades and I was surprised how much music was coming out of the Dali’s with the power meters bouncing between 1 and 2 watts! Warm, inviting with bass that makes a guy reach for his wallet. The Epikore 11 retails for a cool $60k so you gotta know someone getting employee discount or be the 1% group. Congrats on picking a sweet integrated.

Thank you for the feedback. Got the Sonetto V as an intermediate step until the next move.