matching an older nakamichi amp with b&w speakers

I have an older Nakamichi AV8 Amp which I would like to match to some moderately ranged b&w speakers. The amp is rated at 80 watts/channel, and was well received when it debuted as a Home Theatre Amp in the mid 90's. I am currently looking at the newer 602S3, or perhaps finding a nice pair of the older CDM 1nt's

I do about a 50/50 mix of music and movies, I don't have the cash to put together 2 different systems so thats not an option...

Space is a concern, as is costs I would like to keep things under 700$ US. Any insights on matching my amp with speakers would be greatly appreciated.

My thoughts are the older B&W Matrix series might be a better match for the Nak. Due to the Matrix series being a little more forgiving.They had a touch warmer more organic sound.
A friend of mine runs an older Nak receiver with an older set of B&W bookshelves. Not exactly positive of the speaker model so I won't guess. Considering the $$$ he's got into it, I must say it sounds quite good. I was running the flagship Harmon Kardon AVR7200 with a smaller set of Energy's (exl26) and it bothered me how much better his system sounded. In fact that little system is what got me "obsessed" with this expensive hobby. I still haven't really forgiven him and I don't believe my wife ever will!!! (just kiddin Shaun)
Have Fun........