Matching solid state amps with tube based pre amps

I was like to get people responses on the mixing a solid state power amps with a tubes base preamp or match only with
solid state preamp.
I’m running a BAT VK50-SE with an Orchard Audio StarKrimson Ultra GaN FET Amplifier. I’m done. No more searching for the Holy Grail. I haven’t found it but this is close enough for me.
I have 2 systems using a valve pre in front of SS power amps. 
Supertek DHT Cabernet pre with Accuphase A70 power amp driving Harbeth 40.2 speakers. AR LS16 pre with Bryston 4bsst driving Dynaudio C2 Platniums.

I like the color that a valve pre amps brings to the system whilst using a relatively powerful and neutral power amp to handle the speakers. I experimented with a Light Speed passive pre but preferred the sound of the Pre amps.  I also experimented with the Supratek and AR into my MacIntosh MC75's but found too much color.

Tube preamp and ss power amp is a good thinking and reduces greatly the use of too many tubes. But that's all. 
Sound quality matters the most 

I run a McIntosh C2600 tube preamp with McIntosh MC611 SS mono blocks. They work very well together.