Matching solid state amps with tube based pre amps

I was like to get people responses on the mixing a solid state power amps with a tubes base preamp or match only with
solid state preamp.
I too have my destination system.
Atma-Sphere MP-1 tube preamp, AGD Audion mono block Class D GaN amps pushing Tetra 606 speakers.
Great SS amps give clean detail and impact and a great tube preamp adds fullness and musicality.
OP has never shared what his/her listening priorities are.  This question is as much about musical/tonal/soundstage qualities one is seeking as much as electronic compatibility. 
Have used tube pre/SS amp for years. It's no guarantee but if you find the right combo, it can be great. A many have said, pay attention to impedance matching and spend some time rolling tubes to fine tune the sound. Currently LTA MZ3 into SPL Performer s800 and it's lovely for my Harbeth Super HL5+ speakers.
I run a tube amp and a ss amp with my tube preamp ( not simultaneously). With the ss amp, the stage is slightly smaller ( due probably to the fact that the ss amp is a stereo amp and the tubes are mono blocks), but the SQ is excellent either way. What has not been touched upon is the fact that the ss amp will be less costly to run ( no tube replacements) and in many instances, more reliable. Depending on the tube amp, also less consistent sounding than the ss amp. ( due to bias drift, tube aging etc). No wrong answers, but a ss amp and a tube preamp can be the best of both worlds, IMO.