matrix 803's.. i have chance to buy... worth it?

hello... i have a chance to buy a set of 803's and a matching center channel. i use my speakers for home theater only. i currently have cdm cnt 1's for the front and a 600 series center. if these matrix speakers are in good condition, my questions are
1) are these much better than my newer cdms? i have a sub...
2) how do these rate to the newer 800 nautilus series... not the diamonds can't afford them right now...
3) what is a good price for them? was thinking if i do not like them maybe i could sell them to help with the nautilus purchase. they are the black finish...

thank you for the help
Here you go – scroll down the first column model to where matrix starts. This will give you model production years.

Archive B&W


You want the S2 version. much improved.

Google online reviews and used sales.

They sounded great for HT. I also owned CdM1 and CDM1se's. They were nice too but not 800 level.

Good luck.
i Googled some and not much on prices and a great of reviews are older and do not really compare on a home theater level more on a stereo side. thanks for the years
My dad uses the Matrix 803 s2's. I haven't heard them in a HT setup, but from their performance in a stereo setup, I'd imagine they'd be a great choice. The price is good for either model, but a real nice price for the S2.
They have the 3 speakers per cabnet so I would say series 2. I really would like to know how they compare
B&W's are some of the best sounding speakers i ever heard when i was first getting into considering a high-end system- one example was the 802M series 2. BUT this was when listening
to a Bruckner symphony (#9) and not a movie soundtrack. powerful, tight, and
nearly impossible to overdrive. depending on the condition of these 803's as well as the condition of the cabinets you will have only one other problem- they magnify flaws in recordings and upstream components just like a good studio monitor is supposed to.