Maybe looking at the following to replace my Magico S-5 MK 1

I am looking at these three possible speakers as replacements for my Magicos.

Gauder Acoustic Cassiano
Gamut RSi5
Marten Django XL

Does anybody have any input on any of these please?

I'd suggest you audition the Devore Gibbon X and the Wilson Sabrina. They are on the opposite side of Magico.

You should listen to the monitor audio Platinum 200 and 300 very neutral speaker. The three-dimensionality is spectacular not bright and forward sounding like the paradigm persona. Voice instruments piano violin sound beautiful and natural.
Urbie19 you’re 15 months late to the party on this. The OP has either bought new speakers by now or never will. 😊 BTW, I would love to hear the PL300ii they seem like the real deal to me according to the reviews