Maybe the Journey is Over?........Well......

My wife hopes that I have my final system, but I am not going to guarantee that! I have recently been busy upgrading. I had Blue Jean Cables for coax and speakers and now I have Audioquest Rocket 33 speaker cables and Audioquest Carbon Coax. I also replaced my Audiolab 6000CDT with a Jay's Audio CDT2 MK3. I then upgraded the CD puck to a Headquarters Qstab. I ordered three more GIK panels this morning to complete their recommendations for acoustic treatments. After those are installed, I am going to keep it the same for a while. It sounds very good now but H590's are coming down in don't look at happy with what you have.........but what if?

My current system:

Hegel H390 amp

Jay's Audio CDT2 MK3 Transport with Qstab

Tyler Acoustics Highland H3.5 speakers

Isoacoustics Gaia II isolators

GIK Acoustics panels as recommended by GIK.

Audioquest Rocket 33 speaker cables

Audioquest Carbon Coax

Pangea Audio Vulcan Amp Stands

Furman PST8 power strip

Four Schuman Generators


Enjoy your system as is for a while or you'll never really know how content you can be with it. All that "what if" can empty your pockets at an alarming pace and not get you any further than where you presently are.

All the best,

@baclagg Very cool. I am not trying to send you down the upgrade path, but as many experienced audiophiles have told and shown me, the source is really critical in making or breaking a system. The Hegel’s all-in-one integrated is very nice, but at $6500 (new), it’s bound to have a good (not great) DAC, streamer, preamp, and amp. Some of those internals may be better than others (I’d expect the amp/preamp are superior) but even if they were all equal, you’re talking about components that are roughly at the $1600 mark, each. If you look for really good components that are separate -- and not ultra-hifi-- you would find yourself probably spending more on at least some of those separates. Especially the DAC.

Of course, nothing sounds better to anyone’s ears but yours.This is just how I’d think about it if I had your system.

How are you finding the GIK suggestions working out in terms of SQ? I also received recommendations from them, just haven't pulled the trigger yet

@smaarch1 I followed what they recommended but I could only afford to do it in stages. I ordered the final stage today. What I have received and installed so far sounds very good. I would highly recommend them! I have an updated picture in the virtual systems if you want to see what I have installed.

Nice setup. I will also be doing it in stages and not sure I will go the whole route as it's my main living space. Likely can't pull off the ceiling panels