Maybe this is the winter you build something!

Hey it's me. Just reminding you to please consider building something this winter.  From a new power cable to speakers, maybe new acoustic panels you DIY or even speakers or a sweet preamp kit.

You'll have a lot of fun, and learn a ton.

It's weird to me that when I suggest Audiophiles might enjoy building stuff themselves I get flack.  "I don't like that! Stop promoting DIY! It will never be as good!"

Whatever. I think building is fun and educational. 


I have a pair of 80 watt Conn organ tube amps I'm going to be rebuilding this winter.  I also have a tube preamp I built around 20 years ago I might try and get up and running again if I can get the Conns done.


I’m just starting out with DIY. Decided to make some balanced interconnects.

Great way to learn/practice soldering! Fun and satisfying too!

Also saved a lot percentage wise vs buying new.

A bit early for Winter. 

Great thread @erik_squires!

I'll be building something truly fun... just received the Hashimoto output transformer in the mail for it. :)

A little mono amplifier with built in phono stage. Shortest signal path possible, as little amplification as absolutely needed, no volume control, and single 71A output tube for glorious 0.7W output for late night listening of mono records.

With full EQ control, both turnover and cut in fine steps....

Can't wait to get started on it, but it will probably drag out well into the winter without any quality time available to build..



@wolf_garcia ....There is no escape, only higher ground where you can put up the good fight.... ;)

"You'll never take me alive!"

It seems it's quite happy to take us 'not so much'..... 😏