Maynard Ferguson

So...I decided to play a few MF LPs I got recently and was just wondering if he was still alive. To my surprise he JUST died a few months ago. Not much press. Too bad. My favorite album is Carnival. Any other suggestions??

I did not realize that he had passed away. I used to go see Maynard every few years when he would do the High school tours in the Chicago area. That was in the early seventies, and this guy could play. I saw him at a big shopping mall about 20 years back and he could still pound out the ultra high notes that he was famous for. I talked to him after the concert and shook his hand. The guy was a class act, and loved to talk!

My most favorite records of his was MF Horn #2 and #3, I have an out of print greatest hits on CD that unfortunately is a bit bright, but it sounds good on the right system.

Never had the opportunity to listen to Carnival, but I may have to pick it up over the holidays.

This is a big loss!
The lps he put out through the EmArcy label in the mid 50's are really good. And unlike most jazz from that era, you can still find MF's stuff on vinyl for reasonable prices. I have Octet and Jam Session, and really, really like Octect. Check it out!
Having been a trumpet player thru my middle and high school years in the "Jazz Band" I was fasinated by Maynard's ability. I started purchasing his albums on vinyl during the mid to late 80's while I was in High School. The live San Francisco album got played over and over I think I wore the groves into the other side of the LP :)