Mazzy loves Little Feat!


If you don’t (yet), her’s a primer on this great American musical institution:


While I’m at it, here’s another. Well, 3/4th’s American anyway; Nick Lowe is English. Little Village (just a coincidence ;-) live is one of the greatest musical experiences of my life. One of the few "Super Groups" (John Hiatt, Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe, Jim Keltner) who in my book actually lives up to that title. Their single album was a disappointment, they were better as a group on John Hiatt’s fantastic Bring The Family album. Here they are on The Tonight Show, the only time I can remember in which the musical guest is given the time to perform two songs:



I saw them a couple of times at Winterland in San Francisco, including that one opening for ELO that Mazzy was also at. Great band, Little Feat! 

Bought the Rhino re-issue of Sailin' Shoes after reading your post.  Next day delivery from Amazon and it arrived this morning.   I own lots of Little Feat but that one was missing.  Looked at the Box Set of Waiting For Columbus but thought, do I really need 8 CDs of what is essentially the same performance? 🤣

I saw Nick Lowe eating lunch with Los Straitjackets at my local dive bar last Friday.  They were en-route to Syracuse NY for a gig with Elvis Costello at the Landmark Theater the next day.

@bigtwin - I think they wouldn't be essentially the same performance as Little Feat was a 'jam band' and had instrumental excursions during songs that varied with every show, like the Grateful Dead. Set list might be similar, but those shows will sound different.

Yep Steve, on Discogs I found a Near Mint European pressing of the Little Village LP for 12 British Pounds plus 10 for shipping. It’s better sounding than the US LP, but that doesn’t cure the problem I have with the album: the material (songs).

In an interview with one of the LV members (I think it was John Hiatt, but it may have been Jim Keltner) I learned the reason for the weak material: the rule was no one could come in with already written songs, they would record only songs written in the process of making the album. Though some great songs have been written quickly, that is the exception not the rule. The songs on this album are not up to the standards the group members have in the past established for themselves.

Long ago Mick Jagger sang the "It’s the singer not the song". Nothing beats a great song sung by a great singer, but I would rather listen to a great song sung by a mediocre singer than a mediocre song sung by a great singer. Just as I would rather watch a great movie script acted by mediocre actors than a mediocre script acted by great actors. In the restaurant business the the credo is "Location, location, location." In the music business it’s "Material, material, material." That’s why the music of The Beatles will still be listened to long after the music of most of their contemporaries won’t. The big money in the music business is in song publishing. That’s why Robbie Robertson has become fairly wealthy while the other members of The Band didn’t.

I somehow missed Little Feat back in the 1970’s, not discovering them until the late-80’s. I had heard "Willin" in 1971 on the second Seatrain album and absolutely loved it, but didn’t know it was written by Lowell George. Aw well, better late than never! I Just found a copy of Lowell’s solo album (in NM condition for five bucks!), gotta give it some listens.