Mazzy loves Little Feat!


If you don’t (yet), her’s a primer on this great American musical institution:


While I’m at it, here’s another. Well, 3/4th’s American anyway; Nick Lowe is English. Little Village (just a coincidence ;-) live is one of the greatest musical experiences of my life. One of the few "Super Groups" (John Hiatt, Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe, Jim Keltner) who in my book actually lives up to that title. Their single album was a disappointment, they were better as a group on John Hiatt’s fantastic Bring The Family album. Here they are on The Tonight Show, the only time I can remember in which the musical guest is given the time to perform two songs:



Ah yes, love Little Feat. Makes me think of a very short lived, literally, super group, my favorite, The Traveling Wilburys. Roy left first. Now only Jeff and Bob remain. 😞

Lowell's Thanks I'll Eat it Here album is an overlooked gem. Not hard to figure out why Little Feat was so eclectic when he was in the band after hearing it. Easy money was covered by Rickie Lee Jones on her debut. Excellent version.

Little Feat were not a "jam band" which explains their dynamic shows. George wouldn't participate with the extended synth ("Day or Night" maybe) song as he didn't think it fit...he sang every note pretty much exactly as recorded originally, and his solos live were also very arranged. He was an inspiration (I've been a singer/songwriter since the late 60s, and my L.A. based cohorts as well as myself thought Feat were amazing) and I saw Feat live a few times...I love his solo album. George was a serious and intense studio nerd who labored over every note. His astonishing drummer Richie Hayward was killer's interesting that some of Feat's biggest fans were English like Zep and the Stones (also Feat were known as basically the hottest live rock and roll act of the 70s). He famously refused to let Mick sit in with 'em at a live show as he thought MIck's harmonica playing sucked.

"Easy Money" was a RLJ song covered by Lowell George.  George helped her get a recording deal.

The Rolling Stones were big promoters of Little Feat and Mick Taylor played with them live on a few occasions.  Lowell George also plays slide on one tune on Mick Taylor's first solo album.