MBL and Wolfgang Meletzy

I will admit it , have been a huge fan of MBL speakers for some time now. I just love what they do and how they fill space with life , air and energy. Before becoming an audio dealer , I would attend Audio shows and would always gravitate to the futuristic MBL speakers and outrageously exotic MBL components. I wished on a star I would be fortunate enough to one day to own a pair ; much as a child dreams of being a fireman or hero to his friends.
Last year I bought a pair of MBL 101E speakers even though I do not represent the company as a dealer . Was it the most intelligent business decision ? Certainly not , but I had recently suffered a near fatal heart aneurism and decided life was more important than profit and I took the plunge . Needless to say I am simply in heaven . I am not here to expand on the virtues of the speaker ; it has been well documented in the pages of many magazines . I am here to say how wonderful the folks behind MBL have been . I spoke with The Man himself on 2 occasions : Wolfgang Meletzy , designer and founder of MBL. It was so refreshing to absorb his intensity and passion for my enthusiasm for his design . This is a man who actually cares about the clients that adore his creations . I was caught up in his interest of my excitement . He is a man who is deeply proud of his company but humble enough to share himself with his followers. May he live forever .
On another note , I have also had great communication with David Alexander in the US who represents the line . His efforts to answer questions and offer suggestions has facilitated my continued pleasure with MBL as a company .
Life is short and time is precious . Take that time to enjoy the things in life that make you happy . Passing this way once is reason enough to make the most of this short stay .
Disclaimer : I am a high end audio dealer . I do not carry nor represent MBL . I just love them and wanted to share my experience while I am still able . Brent Rainwater
I purchased a new pair of MBL 111e's one year ago; and received it with a non-functioning woofer in one cabinet; which they replaced. I contacted the American rep to inquire on their upgrade path to the new 111f's; and unlike Wilson which supports and enables an upgrade path on expensive speakers; the comment I received was that it is impossible to upgrade the e's to the f' series; unless I wanted to purchase the new speakers and sell mine. I also asked what the differences were between the e's and f's and didn't receive a reply that answered my question. I enjoy my MBL products; but don't share your views on superier customer service and loyalty...at this price point you should not expect to be 'stuck' with a lower version with no path forward...also; people were dumping the 111e's for a steep discount to make room for the f's; shortly after I purchased my e's at usual pricing...
Brent -I am very happy for you that you have found speakers that you love !! You bring up a very cogent point -- that life is to be enjoyed -too many people put off doing things and then regret it later . that is not to say that you bankrupt your family to buy audio equipment but that each of us needs to be able to follow our heart and passion over things we like and try to take either time or spend the money to enjoy them but the old saying that the best things in life are not things also holds true . I see lots of bad stuff every day in the office --that has allowed me to rationalize doing things ie taking trips or buying euipment to enjoy now and not wait til I can't see or hear to enjoy them--my father looked at me one day and said" all of a sudden I am 90 and have nowhere to go "--take care have good health and enjoy those speakers !!!!! Rich
Thank you so very much Rich , I appreciate your taking a moment to say something positive . The intent of the tread was two fold : to celebrate a great designer and share my recent understanding of how important it is to make the most of your life . Again , thank you .
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